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We offer rugged computers in different form factors for all types of military applications, both standard and custom-designed. Our military systems and enclosures are designed for enduring high temperatures, shocks, vibrations and EMI standards, with architectures such as VPX, VME, CompactPCI, microTCA, Rack-mount or ATR. Our technical department offers additional services of consultancy, post-sale support and repair management. HPEC architectures (High Performance Embedded Computing) and System Certifications: MIL-810 F/G, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-704, DO-254, DO-178.


Router-Switch Specifications

NVS-MIL2004HSRKey FeaturesRouter-Switch Specifications

Precision engineering for the most demanding military programs.

Oversized in-line EMI/EMC filters.

Low and High frequency filters are fitted for full MIL-STD-461G compliance. These filters have been selected-on-test (matched) in official labs for performance.

PSU Input protection.

The Router-Switch dual PSU are reverse polarity protected, also fitting an inrush current and over voltage limiter.

DC/DC converters.

Installed DC/DC converters provide over current and short circuit protection, input/output galvanic isolation, thermal protection and military temperature range.

Extended hold-up.

An oversized set of hold- up capacitors are fitted to maintain Router-Switch circuitry DC voltages in the event of momentary power loss of the PSU input voltage.

Time delay fuses.

Six military PCB fuses are fitted across the dual PSU modules in order to provide protection to the front end stage, DC/DC converters and TSU power electronics.

Power fail monitor.

A power supervisory device continuously monitor the primary AC or DC Router-Switch PSU input power voltage and notifies the payload when power failure is imminent.

DC supervisor.

The PSU DC output voltage is monitored via a micropower chip to ensure voltage level is within a specified tolerance. The monitor chip illuminates the panel ON green LED when payload voltage is in range.

PSU Faraday cavity.

The internal Router-Switch layout incorporates an independent metallic partition for housing the PSU modules and in-line filters. This greatly reduces PSU heat and avoids electrical noise on payload electronics.

Dual Input diode.

A dual diode with common cathode is installed on the rear of the front panel when the STD Router-Switch is ordered for redundant operation with two external batteries.



Managed 24 port GbE L2/L3 Switch

4 port fiber optic links

General purpose service Ethernet port

Latest generation ARM Cortex hardware

High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR)

Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Multilayer management, security & monitoring

Auxiliary RS232 console port

Edge computing capabilities for user defined applications

General purpose, PPS and IRIGb Input and Output available on auxiliary connector

Sealed military enclosure cold plate cooled

Dual redundant MIL-STD-704 AC/DC power supply

System operation front panel LED indicators

Optimized heat dissipation chassis design

Remote reset, battleshort & standby system control

Dual oversized in-line EMI/EMC power Input filters

Tested and certified by independent official laboratories per MIL-STD-810G & MIL-STD-461G