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We offer rugged computers in different form factors for all types of military applications, both standard and custom-designed. Our military systems and enclosures are designed for enduring high temperatures, shocks, vibrations and EMI standards, with architectures such as VPX, VME, CompactPCI, microTCA, Rack-mount or ATR. Our technical department offers additional services of consultancy, post-sale support and repair management. HPEC architectures (High Performance Embedded Computing) and System Certifications: MIL-810 F/G, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-704, DO-254, DO-178.



Time-Sensitive Network

TSN is unique in that its streams are delivered with guaranteed bandwidth and deterministic latency


The synchronization is based on IEEE 1588-2008 protocol. A specific profile is defined at IEEE 802.1AS.


The concept of preemption is supported in TSN. A higher priority frame can interrupt the lower priority frame transmission in order to reduce the latency of time-sensitive streams (IEEE 802.1Qbu & IEEE 802.3br).

Traffic shaper

In order to achieve the theoretical lowest possible latency in engineered networks, the Time Aware Shaper functionality is introduced in TSN. This works with applications where time-critical data is sent on regular periodic intervals and it is based on adding time gates on each queue on a port.


The high-availability on TSN can be achieved by adding frame replication and elimination as defined in IEEE 802.1CB. In a similar way as defined for HSR, the frames include a sequence number and they are replicated. Each copy is sent through a different path in the network.